An interview with the Sugar Plum Fairy

This weekend, the Ann Arbor Ballet Theatre is performing the Nutcracker at the University of Michigan Power Center. The lovely and talented Rebecca Loechli is dancing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  We caught up with Rebecca and her dad between rehearsals and final exams to talk with her about what she loves about dancing the role, and about the medical emergency that could have kept her out of the spotlight.

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Holiday gifts that make a difference

Tips for giving holiday gifts to kids at Mott Children's Hospital

Every year, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of organizations, families and individuals who want to help the kids at Mott during the holiday season.  It’s a beautiful reminder of the kindness of the human spirit.

We want to make sure your gift can make the biggest impact here for the kids at Mott, so we have prepared a Wish List to assist you in planning your gift for the kids at Mott.

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What parents should know about the new car seat guidelines

My daughter had just turned 1 when I spent a month working on the trauma service during my Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship.  She was not yet 20 pounds so I still had her in a rear-facing car seat.  I asked one of the head trauma surgeons when he would recommend I turn my daughter around so she was facing forward in the car.  His response surprised me.  He said, “If I could, I would ride rear-facing in a 5-point harness.”

Thinking about it some, it makes sense.  If you are in a front end crash, your car comes to a stop and you keep moving forward until you come in contact with your seat belt.  If you are not wearing a seat belt you will stop against the interior of the car, or worse yet something outside of the vehicle.  When children are riding in a rear-facing seat, the force of stopping in a crash is spread out over the whole surface of their back – not just the points where their body contacts the straps.

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