Body image matters for cancer patients

cancer patient

Patient Sherry Hansen with her daughter Allie.

Cancer treatment is hard on your body and, in some cases, changes are permanent. Sometimes cancer patients become so focused on getting rid of their cancer, they don’t bring up body image issues with their oncologists. In writing Body Image Matters, a patient story in Thrive, I learned they should.

Sherry Hansen is a breast cancer survivor, 14 years and counting. She had surgery to remove her breast, but didn’t have time to think about reconstructive surgery at the time of her diagnosis. She had a 3-year-old daughter to take care of. Sherry described to me in detail the way she felt the first time she looked in the mirror when her bandages were removed. No one had prepared her for the change in her body. No one was there when she saw it for the first time.

This should never happen to a patient and, were Sherry diagnosed at the U-M Cancer Center, perhaps her emotional response would have been different. By the time she came to U-M, depression had set in. She’s doing great now, but it was a long road to recovery.

Michelle Riba, M.D., who directs the PsychOncology Program here, explains that body image concerns go way beyond cosmetic to functioning, socialization and how a person feels about oneself. It’s important for patients to be prepared and understand how their cancer treatment can change their bodies.

Whether you’ve experienced hair loss, weight gain or loss, swelling, loss of a body part or another loss of body function, the Cancer Center has a whole group of specialists to help you through it. Take a look at Sherry’s story in Thrive to see how she went from depression to the final stages of reconstruction.

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