Gene sequencing to seek treatments for advanced cancers

gene sequencingMI-ONCOSEQ is one of those initiatives you’ll only find at a world-class institution like the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. The SEQ part of the name stands for gene sequencing: the more we understand about the genetic makeup of advanced cancers, the more researchers can develop and test new theories about how to treat metastatic disease. Every Cancer Center patient with metastatic cancer is invited to participate in this genetic sequencing effort. (Ask your oncologist).

“Even if it won’t necessarily cure me, at least I can do something to help the next person who receives a diagnosis like mine,” a patient told me in July 2013. She’d been diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary. Participating in MI-ONCOSEQ gave her a sense of hope at a time she felt largely hopeless.

As I tried to summarize the complexities for an article in the fall issue of Thrive, it struck me that SEQ is pronounced SEEK, which might be a better way to define the three patients I’ve met who have undergone genetic sequencing as a way to help the future of cancer care. They want to help researchers seeking cures. Or, if not cures, then seeking new ways to approach the treatment of cancer so patients can live longer, quality lives.

The more we know about cancer, in early stages and in advanced stages, the more we’ll learn how to target ways to make it stop growing. Whether SEQ means gene sequencing or SEEK means searching for answers, both seem pretty fitting when it comes to MI-ONCOSEQ.

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  • Read the full article in the fall issue of Thrive to learn more about this ground-breaking research effort.

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