Symptom Management is an Ongoing Process

Symptom Management is an Ongoing ProcessRecently, an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch pointed out that side effects from cancer treatment can last for years after the cancer has been considered cured. The article notes, “the LIVESTRONG Survey for Post-Treatment Cancer Survivors . . . found 98% of cancer survivors experienced a variety of physical, emotional and practical concerns.”  This can include fatigue, memory problems or lymphedema.

The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Symptom Management and Supportive Care Program offers a clinic which focuses on helping eliminate or alleviate the side effects of cancer and/or its treatment to patients – both current and former – are faced with.  About 40% of the patients seen by the clinic are referred to physical or occupational therapy .  They are working on focusing services to cancer patients so even more can be referred.  Many patient need help building strength, Walker says.  They are often referred to yoga instructors in their communities or provided with instructions on how to start a walking program.

If you are (or were) a patient of the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center and are experiencing fatigue, lymphedema or any other possible side effect from your treatment, contact the clinic at 877-907-0859.

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