Registered dietitians share 10 tips for good health

Learn the experts' personal strategies for healthy living


In recognition of National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day (March 9), we asked University of Michigan Health System registered dietitians how they incorporate professional training and knowledge into their personal lives. Here, they share 10 tips for good health:

  1.  I always find ways to modify recipes/ingredients to be healthier, lower in calories and overall higher in its nutrient density. Meals are ALWAYS packed with extra vegetables!
  2. I offer dietary suggestions for my family members who have specific health conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.
  3. I exercise very consistently, 6-7 days/week. I also make a point to ask family members to exercise with me to encourage them to increase their physical activity.running
  4. I make homemade food for my family – weekly prep of fresh fruits and vegetables, prep homemade waffles and egg burritos to freeze, hard-boiled eggs for the week.
  5. I have my kids help in the kitchen so they learn to enjoy cooking.
  6. I teach early elementary aged family members about nutrition – eating for hunger and not habit and making healthy choices to help grow strong and healthy.
  7. As a Girl Scout leader, I provide healthy snacks and teach nutrition. A few meetings and patches have involved trying new healthy foods!
  8. I pack daily school lunches so my kids stay away from the processed school lunches.
  9. At a restaurant, everyone orders water at our table, unless it’s a special occasion, then pop can be ordered.
  10. I teach my children how to eat a balanced, healthy diet as well as how to incorporate activity into their lives. When we eat meals, I make sure to identify the different food groups and why we need a variety to stay healthy.  

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