Behind the design: Patient rooms – from floor plans to fantastic!

When we started the process of designing the new hospital (it seems like forever ago!!), we engaged over 450 patients, families and staff in helping us make our new hospital GREAT.

We put a particularly large amount of thought and planning into how the new patient rooms should be designed. Just sketching out floor plans and showing them around to people wasn’t enough for us though.

Artist's rendering of a pediatric patient room in the new Mott Children

Our staff and architects worked together to “mock up” a full-scale patient room like the ones that are being built in the new hospital. We made “walls” out of real drywall to give people a feel for the size of the rooms. Real beds were placed in the mock rooms, and tape on the floor represented space that would be reserved for specific equipment. After hours, days and weeks of conversation, many yellow sticky notes and a lot of thoughtful consensus-building, we came up with our new patient room design. Many physicians, nurses, technicians, and staff participated in this process. We have a great patient room design because of their work.

What are you looking forward to about the new rooms at Mott?