Steal a peek at the football-themed play area in our new hospital!

With the opening of the Mott building just 5 months away, we thought we would take you through one of the areas we’re very excited about. Join us on a virtual tour through each of the nine “zones” of the new game-day themed play area located on the 8th floor of the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital!

The space was designed as a place for patients, parents and siblings to unwind and have some fun. Playful activity can be very beneficial for little ones during the healing process, and we’re sure this new space will bring smiles to patients and families’ for years to come.

Zone 1 – It’s game time, baby! Every game day, the Wolverine football players rush from the locker room to the gridiron of the field. Now, it’s your turn! As you approach the M Club, watch HD projections of your favorite players tackling the opponent. Just like the players do every game day, reach up high to touch the M Club “Go Blue” banner overhead.

Zone 2 – Welcome – let the fun begin! Once inside, you’ll hear the roar of the Big House crowd welcoming you. Overhead, the Goodyear blimp flies high. Volunteers will show you how to have the most fun during your visit.

Zone 3 – Pick your instrument; it’s time to play ‘Hail to the Victors!’ Inside the circle, you’ll find buttons that make the sounds of trombones, clarinets, drums, and cymbals. Mix and match instruments to make your own song or follow along with the U-M marching band. Build your agility, stamina and hand-eye coordination by jumping high and ducking low to hit the buttons.

Zone 4 – Ready. Set. Go! All great athletes need discipline! Learn the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle by building your own workout routine at the jungle gym style training center. Have fun building strength and balance. Don’t forget to check your playbook for more ways to have some fun while getting great exercise.

Zone 5 – Are you ready for some football?! Grab a seat, let’s watch the game! Check out videos of players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans at one of the HDTVs. Ever wonder how your favorite players and coaches became the heroes they are? Watch as the Wolverines tell you how they overcame their challenges to become victorious.

Zone 6 – Hut, Hut, HIKE! Are you QB material? Take your best shot! See how many footballs you can throw through the spinning hole.

Zone 7 – Send a message to the team from the press box! Share the fun with your family and friends back home. Hop on the computer to surf the net, check your email or play a game. Take your picture dressed up in U-M garb and upload it to your email or Facebook.

Zone 8 – Team Building. Goof around with your team mates in the locker room! Play with board games, crafts or show off your athletic skills playing Wii Sports. Strut your stuff in a maize and blue jersey or cheerleading outfit.

Zone 9 – Go Blue! Write a cheer, make someone’s day. When inspiration hits, jot down an encouraging message on the giant chalkboard wall. Share a message that will lighten someone’s heart or just give them a good giggle. Your team needs your support! Cheers will be photographed and shared with other patients and families.

Keep an eye out for more information about the play area, including how our patients and families inspired the Wolverine football team to help us create this awesome space.

— Written by Lauren McLeod

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