It’s a numbers game!

Now that all of our countdown clocks are installed around the hospital, it is striking to boil all the hard work that has been and will be taking place into a string of numbers representing days, hours, minutes and seconds until we move into the new hospital.

The countdown number is one we try to be aware of each day as we work towards our goal, but it’s only one of the many numbers floating around in our minds these days.  Here are a handful of other fun numbers that give you an idea of the immensity of this new hospital – all focused on children and women’s healthcare!

  • 12 = number of floors in the new patient tower
  • 9 = number of floors in the outpatient clinic tower
  • 348 = number of patient beds in the new hospital
  • 46 = number of beds in the Brandon neonatal intensive care unit on the Holden floor, making it one of the largest NICU’s in Michigan
  • 10,500 = tons of steel went into the structure of the new building
  • 4.4 million = feet of wire for electrical, communications and safety/security equipment – which is an ironic number in light of the fact that we talk about the building as being “wireless” since we’re offering free wireless internet to patients and guests
  • More than 4000 = number of directional signs and room signs in the new hospital when it’s finished, to help people get around and know where they are
  • 9 = number of stairwells
  • 3,501 = number of steps in the stairwells!
  • 18 = public, patient and service elevators
  • 3,000 = doors in the facility
  • 1.3 million = sheets of drywall making up the walls in the building
  • 62,400,000 = number of nails used to install drywall
  • 93% = percent of material recycled from the site of the new buildings
  • 600 = approximate number of construction workers on site each day

Now, let’s see how good you are at guessing numbers!

Use the comment tool below to let us know your best guess at how many employees of Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital will receive orientation to the new building in the final months leading up to the opening.  The person who is the closest without going over will win a free C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital shirt.  If there is a tie, we’ll break the tie by drawing one name from the finalists.

This guessing game closes on Monday, December 6 at noon and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!