Backyard campout tips

backyard camping tipsGetting into the spirit of summer doesn’t require months of planning or have to cost a small fortune. Memories can be made in the comfort of your home and camping can be done right in your backyard (or living room)!

Have the kids help with the planning and let them choose some fun activities. A great way to commit to the idea of camping, while still at home, is to limit or eliminate the use of technology devices. I’m not talking about roughing it and not using indoor plumbing, but make a rule (one that all members of the family can abide by) that phones/TVs/iPads/etc. are not to be used during the campout.


If you have a tent or can borrow one, great, but if not that’s ok too. You can either make one by laying a tarp or something waterproof on the ground then hang sheets around using rope, trees or even chairs/furniture if needed. The tarp will help to keep everything dry from the dew in the morning. Another idea would be to not use a tent and sleep out under the stars. Just be sure to use bug repellant and check the weather forecast to make sure you won’t get rained out.

If outdoor camping is not your thing, that’s ok! Build a tent in your living room or basement and have everyone sleep there together. Regardless of where you set up your campsite, be sure to include everyone as you set up. Even though you may only be steps away from your bedrooms, have everyone pack an overnight bag with pajamas, a change of clothes, bathing suit (if necessary) and a few toys. Don’t forget to pack sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets, flashlights, lanterns, bug spray, sunscreen, snacks and drinks!


What’s camping without a campfire? You can build a small campfire outside to sit around and roast marshmallows as a gooey late night snack. You could also use the campfire to cook dinner or breakfast, which will surely impress the kids! You’ll find lots of campfire recipes online if needed or just cook some hot dogs on sticks. No need to be fancy! Be sure to closely monitor the fire, especially if you have small children. Here are some great campfire safety tips.

If a campfire is not possible, you could always use candles, lanterns and flashlights set closely together to resemble a fire. Just circle your chairs around and you’ll feel like you’re sitting around a warm campfire.

Making memories

Sitting around the campfire (real or pretend) after dark to look at the stars is a way to wind everyone down and explore another dimension of the world around you. You could look for constellations, shooting stars or just calmly sit and gaze. Check out these tips for stargazing with kids. This would also be a great time to have everyone share their favorite part of the day or to tell stories. Just be sure not to make them too scary if you have little ones listening that may be easily frightened.

This might be a great night to allow the kids to stay up past their bedtime, too!

The purpose of the backyard campout is to be together as a family and experience something new. You can also make it a bigger event and have every child invite a friend to join in the campout or invite some other families to join you as well. If you decide on a larger campout, get together with the others to create a plan — who’s bringing what, where is everyone sleeping, what activities do you want to plan, etc. Involve the kids in planning too!

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