It’s Car Week! Hands-on car themed activities for kids

car themed activities for kidsWhen you live in Michigan, home to Motor City, adding a car-themed week into your summer fun is almost a given. There is no shortage of car themed activities to do at home and in the area.

(Plus we are still super excited about the magic of cars after Caden’s Car Show earlier this month!)

So get your motors running and try out some of these car-themed activities with your kids this summer!

Take a trip

Head on over to The Henry Ford in Dearborn. There you can tour the Henry Ford Museum, watch an IMAX movie and tour the Ford Rouge Factory. The museum is open from 9:30 to 5 every day and features outstanding exhibits on the history of automobiles. The factory tour provides a great overview of the manufacturing process and during production hours (which vary based on vehicle demand) you can actually observe the assembly of Ford F-150 trucks. The tour is generally open Mondays through Saturdays from 9:30 to 5 (with the final tour starting at 3). Most days during the summer, you can see NASCAR 3D, a documentary about NASCAR racing, in the IMAX theater.

Be a car

Notice how many kids prefer the box to the gift inside? Why not turn that box into a fun car for kids to “drive.”

Take a medium-sized packing box, seal it up, then cut out a section on the top and bottom so your child can “wear” the car. Use paper plates for wheels, cups or cupcake liners for headlights and decorate in whatever way you want using paints, markers or crayons. Add some shoulder straps, and vroom…your child is off. If you have more than one child, make a couple and then let them play driver in the backyard or living room.

Check out this helpful how-to picture guide of how to make your cardboard box car.

mott blog - make a carMake a toy car

Looking for a smaller craft project (well, smaller in size)?

Make a homemade racecar with things you probably have lying around the house. You’ll need an empty toilet paper roll, four caps from bottled water, milk or juice, a straw and toothpicks.

Decorate the toilet paper roll. Then, cut a small hole in the top for the cockpit (put in a little action figure if you’d like a driver). Use a hole punch to put holes in the sides for the axels, which you make by cutting 2” sections of a straw. Insert the straw sections through the holes. Use a thumbtack to punch holes in the top of the bottle caps and then insert the toothpick. Attach one wheel, push the toothpick through the straw axel and then insert the wheel on the other side. Repeat for the rear wheels.

mott blog - car themed snack ideaEat a car

How about a yummy car fruit snack? This one is easy, cute and delicious.

Cut wheels from large strawberries or kiwi. Peel a banana and cut a narrow slit in the top. Use a toothpick to attach the wheels to the banana car — add blueberries for the hubcaps. Fill the slit in the top of the banana with more strawberries.

Instant car snack!


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