DIY Shaker Activity

Shake up your summer with musical fun

mott blog - clv 2015 - musical shaker activity1Musical shakers are a great activity for kids of any age. You can vary the activity based on the ages of the group you are working with!


  • Plastic fillable eggs
  • Rice, dry beans (try different things to experiment with the sound)
  • Tape


Fill your egg with some type of dry, small material like rice, beans, lentils, etc. Close the egg and seal closed with tape. Instant egg shaker! Put different ingredients in different eggs to hear how the sound changes. You can also try to find different sizes of eggs to experiment with how that affects the sound.

mott blog - clv 2015 - musical shaker activityA fun DIY shaker game is a version of hot potato. Sit in a circle and pass the egg from person to person. The person with the egg when the music stops has to name their favorite color, food, etc. Then play again. Or, you can play the traditional hot potato way and the person with the egg when the music ends is out. Keep playing until you have a winner.

You can also play a copy-cat game – the first person can shake out a certain rhythm, with the next person attempting to follow the same rhythm.

Choose favorite songs and perform them with your shakers while dancing together or parading around your yard! The sillier the better!

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