DIY meteor and crater activity

meteor crater activity for kidsHave you ever wondered why the moon looks like Swiss cheese, all covered with huge holes? These holes are called craters, and they are formed when a meteorite impacts a planet or moon. Meteorite is just a fancy name that scientists give to meteors that crash into something!

There are many impact craters on the Earth and the moon that scientists can look at to study meteorites. By studying the size and shape of the crater, these scientists are able to determine how big the meteorite that made it was! This is something that you can learn to do yourself!

A fun activity that simulates real-life meteorite impacts is to use a cardboard box filled with flour as your surface, and anything that is round as your meteorite. By forming a smooth surface on the flour and then dropping, tossing, or throwing your “meteor” into it, you can form some incredible craters! Try using objects of different sizes, such as a golf ball, an apple, or a marble as your meteorite and observe how the size and weight of the object affects the size and shape of the crater.

Don’t forget to record your data, though! Make a list of the meteors that you use and make sure to note the size and weight of the object, along with other information such as the direction it hit the surface, the diameter and depth of the crater, the shape of the crater, and anything else that you learn about each impact! By recording your observations and making conclusions based on them, you will be doing the same work that scientists do every day!

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