Swimming pool scrabble

mott blog - clv 2015 - swimming scrabbleSchool’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop. Summer gives us an opportunity to put extra focus on the fun in learning. Here are some great word games you can play in the pool. These work with both large pools and small kiddie pools. So have fun and get wet!

Letter jumble

For this fun activity, you just need some simple kitchen-sized sponges, scissors and a permanent marker. Cut the sponges in half. On each sponge, write a letter (you can write a letter on one side and leave the other blank or write different letters on each side). Choose letters that can be easily assembled to create words (vowels and consonants like B, D, G, H, L, M, N, S, T, R).

Now for the fun. Toss the sponges into the pool. Have your kids swim and collect the sponges. You can start by having each person collect 5 sponges to see if they can create a word from their letters.  Each person can draw more letters as needed to create a word, similar to how you’d play Scrabble.

Or, each person can collect a few letters and then work together to create words as teams.

For young children just learning alphabet letters, ask them to pick a word, then you can take turns looking for the letters needed to spell that word.  If your child picks “dog,” work with them to find a D, O and G and show him how the letters go together to spell that word.

You can do a similar variation of this game with numbers – each person picks 3 sponges and the person whose numbers add up to the highest amount, wins!

Toss the letters back in and play again.

Sight word scramble

This is a simple game for kids learning their sight words (common words that children learn to recognize by sight rather than sounding them out). You just need some floatable balls (ball pit balls or ping pong balls work well) and a permanent marker. On each ball, write a sight word. Toss the balls into the pool. Have your child pick up a ball and recite the sight word to you. After your child masters the first set of words, move on to harder words.

Sight words are grouped by grade level. Simple sight words include: and, big, for, go, in, jump, play, the and two. More advanced words include: better, carry, clean, eight, light, myself, never, start and together. Lists of sight words by grade level are easy to find online by searching for grade level sight words.

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