For the heroes behind the heroes, Part 1

A mother's day message from a mom, to all moms

Marianne and Mary Rose Takacs

Marianne and Mary Rose Takacs

Let me start off by saying, from one mom of a former patient to the moms of present day patients: I wish you a Mother’s Day that fills your heart with laughter and joy and all the good things it can hold, to carry you through your journey.

You hold a vital role in the life of your child, and of your family, and you are doing an excellent job!

You have an equally important responsibility, however, to “Take care of you.”

Before you dismiss the thought with an “I don’t have the time nor energy to take care of me,” response, let me share a little about how important you are and the necessity of taking time out, even for a bit, just for you.

Our family’s journey went on for five long years, with many ups and down, a whole lot of tears, exhaustion, fear at times, and definite frustrations along the way. It was only through accepting kind and generous offers to give me some relief and respite, that I found I was beyond depleted as I struggled to care for my child and family.

A friend who was the mom of previously sick child shared with me the importance of taking care of me. I rebutted her every effort. One day she said to me, “If you don’t take care of you, you WON’T be able to take care of your child, or your family!”

What words of wisdom she had!

Despite the “I don’t feel like (fill-in the blank)” attitude I had, the tears of my daughter (at times) when I left, the guilt I had over knowing there was always something else I could be doing, and the lack of desire to actually “care for me,” – taking care of myself was one of the best things I ever learned to do. As I started to change a few habits, and began taking care of myself, lo and behold, I was definitely able to better care for those around me. It was a win-win situation!

So on this Mother’s Day, begin some new habits of learning to care for yourself. When your tank is not running on empty, you’ll be able to refuel those around you, and not find yourself totally depleted in the meantime.

Relax, enjoy and breathe deeply, dear one, for you are a treasure beyond worth and everyone around you already knows it!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
Marianne Takacs


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marianne takacsMarianne Takacs is a member of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital patient and family centered care spiritual care advisory team. Marianne is a professional life coach, author and speaker and is the co-founder of Hope in the Midst Ministries.


Marianne’s daughter, Mary Rose Takacs-Gajewski, is also a member of the spiritual care advisory team. Her experience in fighting Lyme Disease has given her an exceptional ability to encourage, comfort and aid those facing traumatic circumstances.  Mary Rose is an author, speaker and co-founder of Hope in the Midst Ministries.

mary rose takacsMarianne and Mary Rose co-authored, “Hope In The Midst: 30 Devotions of Comfort and Inspiration” and just completed a trip to minister to survivors and caregivers of survivors of the recent Boston Marathon tragedy. You can read more about Marianne and Mary Rose at www.marianneandmaryrose.com.