For the heroes behind the heroes, Part 2

A mother's day message from a daughter, to all moms

mott blog - mother's day text imageThe role of a mother is simply irreplaceable to a child, and even more so when we find ourselves in the role of “patient.” At least that was the case for me during my illness.

Nearly 16 years ago, at the age of nine, I became ill with Lyme disease. It was a four to five year roller-coaster ride of doctors, tests, medications and constant “two steps forward and three back” scenarios.

My mom was with me through it all. She left her job to stay home and be my full-time caregiver during those years. For two years I was unable to walk, feed and care for myself in pretty much any way. My mom did whatever needed to help me survive. She got me up in the morning, made my meals, lifted me to and from my wheelchair, stretched out my muscles and much, much more.

She was the one who read verses to me to bring hope to my heart, prayed with me claiming healing, called friends to come over and bring joy to my heart, and pushed and encouraged me – even in tough love – to keep fighting and not give up.

My mom became my advocate, the one who learned my moods, good and bad, began to understand my facial expressions relating to pain and fought on my behalf, when so much of the time I didn’t know how to defend myself to what my body was experiencing.

Even though I was able to explain my symptoms, what worked and what didn’t, it was my mom that made sure that the doctors listened and understood.

I know God gave my mom the ability and love to do these things and so much more during those years and throughout my life.

I didn’t always appreciate or thank her for what she did. Mostly, because at times it was difficult for me to transfer my thoughts about my world and what I was facing and experiencing over into understanding someone else’s world.

For the different things I have listed here today and the many I have not, I know my mom fighting for me and being by my side in various ways played important roles in my overall healing.

So for you mothers who are reading this today, if any of these things sound familiar or are in fact what you are facing, know this….

You are doing an incredible job!

Remember you are human, you will mess up, arguments will happen and tension will occur. But underneath it all, your son or daughter loves you deeply and ultimately treasures you and all you do.

This Mother’s Day, take time to enjoy your day! Take a few moments to walk outside and feel the sun rest upon your face, sit in a chair and listen to some of your favorite music to calm and restore your heart or simply let your loved ones serve and wait on you.

Know today and in the days ahead that you are treasured and highly valued for not only what you do, but also for who you are as a person and as a mother!

Have a happy Mother’s Day!
Mary Rose Takacs-Gajewski


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marianne takacsMarianne Takacs is a member of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital patient and family centered care spiritual care advisory team. Marianne is a professional life coach, author and speaker and is the co-founder of Hope in the Midst Ministries.


Marianne’s daughter, Mary Rose Takacs-Gajewski, is also a member of the spiritual care advisory team. Her experience in fighting Lyme Disease has given her an exceptional ability to encourage, comfort and aid those facing traumatic circumstances.  Mary Rose is an author, speaker and co-founder of Hope in the Midst Ministries.

mary rose takacsMarianne and Mary Rose co-authored, “Hope In The Midst: 30 Devotions of Comfort and Inspiration” and just completed a trip to minister to survivors and caregivers of survivors of the recent Boston Marathon tragedy. You can read more about Marianne and Mary Rose at www.marianneandmaryrose.com.