This looks like a job for….me?

mott blog - super hero window washersThere are some things that aren’t really anyone’s “job to do,” but it’s those things that can make such a big difference for our kids and their families.

One great thing about working at Mott, in my experience, is that if you have an idea that will help our Little Victors – bring a smile to their face, make them feel special, or help them feel normal for that matter – people here pull out all the stops to help you make your idea happen.

I’d been hearing about window washers dressing up as super heroes at other hospitals – and even at high rise apartment buildings – as the photos have popped up in the news or online over the past year.  My colleagues and I always talked about how great it would be to do that at Mott.

It was no one’s job, but as they say in superhero land – this looks like a job for….Stephanie Cloutier?

I work in administration so I knew a few people I could start with to see how we could make this happen.  One email led to another and soon enough we’d figured out who manages the relationship we have with the company who does our window washers.  He was on board.

I checked with our management team.  They were on board.

Marketing and public relations were TOTALLY on board.

Everyone I talked with was on board – we all knew this would be a great thing for the families at Mott.

And our window washers?  Wow.  They outdid themselves.  What a sight they were, scaling the walls of our 12-story steel and glass building, bringing delight and causing near stampedes as parents, children, faculty and staff raced to the windows wherever we had a superhero sighting.

It’s not my job, but the stuff we all do when we go above and beyond is the stuff that each of us here at Mott thrive on.  What a joy to be able to be a part of making this happen.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible.



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Stephanie Cloutier is a project manager at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.  Her responsibilities include managing a number of projects such as facility construction coordination, fundraising activities and event management – not typically including vanquishing villains and summoning superheroes, but it depends on the day.



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