Is my child ready for overnight camp?

is your child ready for overnight campWith summer just around the corner, making plans for your child’s summer vacation may be on your mind. The options are vast, and depending on the age and maturity of your child, overnight camp may be up for consideration for this summer.

How young is too young?

In general, you can start thinking about overnight camp options for a child who is 6 years old. Of course, not every 6 year old is ready or interested in overnight camp. Parents know their children best. If your child enjoys the outdoors, has spent the night away from parents, and seems genuinely interested in an overnight camp experience, he or she may be ready.

Let your child be the guide. If he or she is asking about overnight camp, discuss the topic. What about overnight camp is appealing to your child? Does he seem comfortable with the idea of being away from parents for a few days? Is there a specific camp or camping activity that he or she is interested in?

Looking at options

One of the most important factors in selecting a camp is if the activities interest your child. Does your child love animals? Does she love math and science? Are drama and dancing his passions? You know what your child enjoys, so make sure the camp you select offers options that appeal to him or her. Just because your child’s best friend loves one camp doesn’t mean that camp is the best option for your family.

Getting ready

Creating a positive overnight camp experience starts before your child even leaves home. Talk about the camp so they know what the experience will be like. Do your research so you can help prepare your child. Talk about their sleeping arrangements, how mealtime will work. Discuss the activities. Explain that they will not be able to talk to call home while they are away. You can mail them letters in advance, but most camps do not allow calls home.

Make sure you pack together. The camp will provide you a packing list, so review that with your child and pack the bag as a team. For many children, a transitional object like a stuffed animal or favorite blanket can help ease the transition.

Most importantly…be upbeat and positive. If you are anxious, chances are the kids will be too. Share your excitement with them so that by the time you leave them at camp, they are full of positive energy and excited for the experience.

Camps for kids with chronic illness

Summer camp is especially meaningful for children with chronic medical conditions.

There are many camps designed specifically for children with a chronic illness. These camps are wonderful experiences for children, as they teach them a level of independence they may not find at home. It’s also a great experience to be with other children who can relate to their lives. These camps are staffed with many healthcare professionals, and are prepared to manage your child’s medical condition.

It’s up to you

When making the summer camp decision, remember that you know your child best and not all children are the same. While all of your daughter’s friends may be ready to go to camp at age 7, that doesn’t mean your daughter is ready. While your daughter went to camp at age 8, your son may not be ready until he’s 10 or 11. Some kids may never be interested in overnight camp. There are plenty of day camp options for everyone.

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