Glowing fun: DIY glow stick activities

DIY activities for kids using glowsticksGlow sticks are perfect for brightening up a rainy day or creating some late night fun. If the weather is dreary, head to the basement or a dark interior room for some glow fun. Or, if you’re taking advantage of a beautiful summer night, you can enjoy these activities outside.

You’ll just need a variety of glow sticks, necklaces and a few more supplies depending on which activities you want to do.

Before you get started:

  • Check the yard or play space for any tripping hazards.
  • Hand out flashlights, or put an extra flashlight near a safe place for children to take a break.

Ring toss

This is a simple, fun one. You just need a few necklace glow sticks and something to use as the target (a water bottle filled with sand or a stick in the ground work well). Use the connector piece to secure the glow stick into a circle. Use a small piece of tape over the connector to help secure the shape. Depending on the age and skill of the child, have them stand back from the target and toss their glow rings. If it’s too easy or you have older children playing, have them stand back farther or even give glow bracelets a try.


Place one glow stick inside of a small water bottle. The entire bottle will glow. Create as many “pins” as you desire (the standard in bowling is 10, but you may want to try fewer as it cuts down the time to set them back up again after each turn). Arrange the bottles in the traditional bowling pyramid or any configuration you desire. Use a soccer or playground ball as a bowling ball. Take turns knocking down and setting up the “pins.”

Glow jars

This fun craft project makes the perfect summertime nightlight. You’ll need a sealable glass jar (a clean, empty spaghetti sauce/pickle jar works well). Have an adult cut one or two glow sticks open. Empty the contents into the jar. Seal it up securely and have your child shake. Then open it up, add “diamond” glitter. Seal the jar again and shake, shake, shake. Add strong tape around the lid to prevent curious kids from opening the jar.

Evening egg hunt

Have some leftover plastic Easter eggs? Place a glow bracelet inside each (you can even add a small piece of candy or small prize inside too). Hide the eggs around the yard (or inside the house). Let the hunting commence. You may want to assign each hunter an egg color to keep the playing field even.

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