Mitral valve repair: making the choice

One man’s journey to a healthier lifestyle

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Jim Moore, with his wife, holds his U-M hat signed by Dr. Bolling, which he wears with pride.

Jim Moore’s health story began with a sore foot and a trip to his doctor on the west side of Michigan. During the exam, Jim was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which then led to the discovery of mitral valve disease. His doctor recommended Dr. Steven Bolling as a foremost expert in mitral valve repair. Jim immediately made an appointment and was soon on his way to the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

Here is Jim’s story:

“My experience at the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center is a good example of how a bad situation ended up being a very positive thing in my life.

I was diagnosed with mitral valve disease in May 2013, but didn’t realize anything was wrong with my health until that diagnosis. I noticed some shortness of breath while hiking, but attributed it to ‘getting older.’  I never knew it was a symptom of mitral valve disease.

My doctor told me that Dr. Steven Bolling was the guy to see for mitral valve repair, so I immediately made an appointment.

From the very beginning, I was impressed with my experience at U-M, including the efficiency and professionalism of everyone I met. Dr. Bolling was very reassuring when he said: ‘Here’s what we need to do to fix your valve.’ He was very confident in his ability to fix my valve and help me get my health back.

I checked into the hospital on a Thursday morning and was released three days later. They had me up and walking right away. I admit, I was scared to death before the operation, but it all went better than I ever expected. Within a week and a half, I was getting my breath back. During a hiking trip in Colorado prior to surgery, I had to stop to catch my breath. I don’t have to do that anymore. My wife and I hiked Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park recently and I wasn’t winded at all. I’m back and I feel great!

I even wore my U-M hat during the trip, which was signed by Dr. Bolling. It was quite a conversation starter! I’m very fortunate that things worked out for me. Mitral valve repair has given me a new outlook on life.”

Take the next step:

  • To make an appointment to discuss your need for treatment for mitral valve disease, call toll-free at 888-287-1082 or email at CVCCallCtr@med.umich.edu.

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