Be a link in the chain of Alzheimer’s research

Now is the time to join our discovery team

Currently, there are over 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. To prevent or delay the illuminated stone headonset of the disease, we need to do research and discover new treatments.

We’ve all been asked to lend a hand with something or donate a little time for a good cause.  It is quite eye opening how we benefit from volunteers who have helped improved our lives and enriched our culture – including medical discoveries that we rely on every day.

Research volunteers, who generously give up their personal time to become part of an Alzheimer’s research study, play a crucial role in the discovery of improved treatment options and cures for this disease. These do not just get discovered by scientists working in a lab, but also because people and families who are affected by Alzheimer’s are looking for a treatment for themselves, their loved ones or future generations.

One of the guiding principles for the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (MADC) is research.  Our Clinical Core study is the University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project. The objective is to track any changes in cognition over time. People living with and without memory loss are needed for study participation. The MADC also has several ongoing research projects that range from long term observational studies, genetic testing, caregiver burden, driving, neuroimaging research and clinical treatment trials using new medications and innovative imaging technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI’s) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans.

Take the next step:

  • Call Stephen Campbell, MADC Research Coordinator at 734-763-2361.
  • Join a study.

S.Campbell_150x150Stephen Campbell, LLMSW, aids in the process of helping potential volunteers find a study best suited to their needs and interests.  He is most interested in providing ongoing support to research volunteers to help them locate resources in a timely and efficient manner.



MADC logoThe Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (MADC) was established at the University of Michigan Health System, through affiliation with the Department of Neurology and aims to conduct and promote research on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders; ensure state-of-the-art care for individuals experiencing cognitive impairment or dementia; and enhance the public’s and health professionals’ understanding of dementia through education and outreach efforts. The infrastructure of the Center stems from a 20 year history as an NIH-funded Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.