Understanding liver cancer and liver metastases

Former President Jimmy Carter recently was diagnosed with advanced cancer after having liver surgery. While we don’t know the origin or extent of his cancer, it’s possible that the cancer had spread to his liver from another part of the Read on! →

It’s not just girl talk: Including men in breast cancer genetic counseling

There is no question that breast cancer disproportionately affects women – but we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the risk to men. As we continue to learn more about the ways our genes influence our cancer risk, involvement of Read on! →

Progress in cancer research and treatment

May is National Cancer Research Month

I often hear from callers “Why hasn’t cancer been cured?” It is true that a cure for cancer has not been achieved, but it is important to remember there have been major advances and discoveries in the treatment of cancer. Read on! →

What’s on? Tune in to the U-M Cancer Center’s YouTube channel to find out

It’s been nearly three years since the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center launched a dedicated YouTube channel. Since then, it has expanded the videos available on subjects including patient stories, research, cancer care, prevention and screening. In addition to Read on! →