Got a disease? Own it – with this unique science art

Beautiful images from U-M medical research labs available at Ann Arbor Art Fairs and online


“Road Not Taken” – a new Bioartography image for 2015 by U-M grad student Justine Pinskey – was made almost by accident, when she noticed the colors and shapes made while she adjusted her microscope to focus on cells she studies.

If you have a chronic disease or a child born with a medical problem, it may sometimes feel like the diagnosis owns you.

But now you can turn the tables and own _it_.

How? By buying unique art that’s made by University of Michigan scientists who study everything from diabetes and cancer to digestive disorders and genetic diseases.

Through a program called BioArtography, they turn images made in their labs and pictures taken through microscopes into artworks that look beautiful on any wall.

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Sick of snow & cold? Get revenge with scissors

Cut your own paper snowflakes, using the technique of our own Dr. Snowflake

All it takes is white copy paper and scissors - though you can get fancy with hole punchers & other tools too

All it takes is white copy paper and scissors – though you can get fancy with hole punchers & other tools too

Oh the weather outside is frightful, over much of the United States. If you’re sick of snow, ice, super-cold temperatures and staying inside to avoid all of them, we’re here to help.

If you have some white copy paper, and a pair of scissors, you can take out your frustration with Mother Nature by cutting… paper snowflakes!

In the video below, we’ll show you exactly how.

But these aren’t just any snowflakes. They’re the kind made by of one of our retired physicians, Dr. Thomas L. Clark, also known as Dr. Snowflake. You can learn more about him in the second video below.

And once you learn to cut snowflakes like Dr. Clark, the only limit on your creativity is your imagination – and the sharpness of your scissors.

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Two kinds of links – silver and historical – bring artist to UMHS

Hospital exhibit features works by daughter of pioneering neurosurgeon & granddaughter of pioneering architect

Betsy Lehndorff sets up her exhibit in the Gifts of Art gallery

Betsy Lehndorff sets up her exhibit in the Gifts of Art gallery

The U-M Health System’s Gifts of Art program presents an exhibition of sterling silver compositions with narrative style by Betsy Lehndorff, daughter of legendary U-M neurosurgeon Edgar Kahn and granddaughter of Albert Kahn, the architect whose firm designed U-M’s former Old Main Hospital, the current University Hospital and Hill Auditorium.

The work will be on display in the Gifts of Art Gallery in University Hospital’s Floor 2 Main Corridor through February 1.

Much of the work in Betsy Lehndorff’s exhibition is the result of a concentrated 30-day period of silversmithing in her garage studio on a lake in northeastern Michigan. Under the self-imposed pressure of the exhibition, her creativity went into full bloom as she designed and produced one piece after another.

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When he raises his baton, doctors & scientists become musicians

U-M Life Sciences Orchestra conductor holds unique post, now funded by generous gift

Adrian Slywotzky leads an LSO rehearsal

Adrian Slywotzky leads an LSO rehearsal

Orchestra conductors have heard every excuse in the book from musicians who miss rehearsals.

But this one topped them all: Emergency surgery.

Not having it – performing it.

But not to worry, the member of the U-M Life Sciences Orchestra told conductor Adrian Slywotzky by email. If all went well, and the patient was stable, there should still be time to get to orchestra practice that night.

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