Kids Health 101: What you should know if your child is bitten

We’re kicking off a new series of videos tackling topics parents often ask doctors about. You’ll get straight answers to these “frequently asked questions” from our own pediatric specialists.

Our children’s emergency department is one place we’ll turn to for answers, as the doctors and nurses here specialize exclusively in providing emergency care for children – whether the need is a traumatic injury or a mild illness that can’t wait until your doctor’s normal business hours.

It’s important to turn to a pediatric emergency department when your child needs emergency care because the specialists here focus just on children, their special needs, the way illnesses present themselves differently in kids vs. adults, unique treatments that work better for their small bodies and developing systems, and – very importantly – the extra care and sensitivity they and their families need.

Without further ado…here’s Dr. Nicole Sroufe to fill us in on what parents’ need to know when their child is bitten.

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