A better (more comfortable) colonoscopy

Small switch minimizes gas and cramping after the exam

Northville MPU colonoscopy.(blogpic)jpg

Dr. Leslie Aldrich uses a simulator to demonstrate what doctors look for during colonoscopy. Procedure rooms at Northville Health Center are among those equipped with CO2 delivery systems.

It’s the exam that’s made colon cancer one of the most preventable cancers yet. Most people don’t remember colonoscopy when it’s done, but for those age 50 and over it can be life-saving.

Digestive health specialists are taking action to make the process easier – from simpler instructions on prepping for a colonoscopy to medical advances that patients never see.

One switch:  using carbon dioxide during the exam. Rather than air, University of Michigan gastroenterologists use carbon dioxide to inflate the colon to help get a better look at its lining.

Resulting in less gas and cramping later — it’s a small change that can make a big impact when patients are ready to go home. Continue reading