Are compression socks right for you?


If you plan to participate in the Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 18, make sure your legs are ready.

As you’ve trained for the race, you may have noticed a growing number of runners wearing compression stockings and wondered if they’re right for you.

Because running is a high-impact activity, runners often experience vein swelling, which can result in leg aching, throbbing, heaviness or fatigue. Many runners are wearing compression socks to help them recover from the stress a long run puts on their legs. The snug-fitting, knee-high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. Some runners wear compression socks while training and racing while others use them after a run. Continue reading

Traveling this holiday season? Know the risks of DVT

Tips for travelers on extended flights or drives

planeThe 2014 year-end holiday travel period is defined by AAA as beginning today, Tuesday, December 23, through Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Travel volume for the year-end holidays will reach the highest peak recorded by AAA (since 2001), with nearly 91 percent of all travelers (89.5 million) celebrating the holidays with a road trip and 5.7 million travelers taking to the skies.

Travelers with varicose veins — both men and women — should know the risks of DVT. Anyone with varicose veins is at a slightly higher risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE) during a long flight or ride.

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