Free Parkinson’s Movement & Dance classes

PD Dance 2

Patient Dennis Thompson says he feels more limber–mentally and physically–due to University of Michigan’s Parkinson’s Movement & Dance class. And now the class is free.

Parkinson’s and dance don’t usually go together—until now. Read how one patient feels about Turner Senior Resource Center’s Movement & Dance Classes for people with Parkinson’s disease.

With Parkinson’s disease (PD), there’s a feeling of loss, a feeling that I just don’t control my body as well as I used to. Sometimes it feels like a downward slope that doesn’t stop. As you can imagine, I was quite worried about this, and then one day when I was in the Turner Senior Resource Center, I picked up a flyer about their Parkinson’s Movement & Dance Class and decided to give it a try. I’m soon going to sign up for my third session.  Continue reading