Breakthrough heart failure drug: Is it right for you?

Entresto shows benefits over traditional treatment for heart failure patients

game changer blogHeart failure is a debilitating and life-threatening condition affecting nearly six million people in the United States. In patients with heart failure, the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s nutrition and oxygen needs. The blood begins to back up and, as a result, the veins, tissues and lungs become congested with fluid.

Heart failure patients face a high risk of repeated hospitalizations and symptoms such as fatigue, loss of breath and fluid retention, all significantly impacting their quality of life. These patients also face the risk of death.

But now there’s a new heart failure drug, known as Entresto, bringing hope to many of these patients. Approval of Entresto came six weeks ahead of the FDA’s priority review action date, allowing it to be available to patients in the United States sooner than anticipated. Continue reading