6 simple tips to help you quit smoking for good

The Great American Smokeout Day is November 19


More than 400,000 Americans die as a result of cigarette smoking each year. But no one ever died from quitting! Here are six simple — but not easy — tips to help you quit smoking for good.

Tips to quit smoking

  1. Prepare in advance by setting a “Quit Day.” Then, celebrate when that date comes. It’s a special occasion and should be treated as one.
  2. Think about your tobacco behavior and identify what triggers your urges and cravings. Then, learn to separate yourself from the situations in which you used tobacco by changing your routine. Most people find the craving goes away within a short period of time. Until it does, don’t go back to your old routines. Continue reading

Top 10 blogs in 2014

top 10 pick blogFrom blood pressure apps for your smart phone to the longest living LVAD recipient, here are the top 10 blogs you found the most interesting in 2014:

  1. Blood pressure apps for your smart phone. Six apps for iOS and Android that feature logs, data sharing, tracking and more.
  2. What weighs 10 pounds? Post-surgery lifting advice made easier.
  3. Jennifer and Matthew Romano – A one-of-a-kind couple. A love story of two doctors – in recognition of Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month.
  4. 21 days to a less stressed you. Tips to help you manage and minimize stress in your life.
  5. 2014 flu shot: What’s new and why get it now? Everyone six months or older is encouraged to get their yearly flu vaccine.
  6. Spirituality and health: Is there a connection? Faith and support help people deal with stress.
  7. CPR saves the life of a Michigan fan. Learn how to save the life of someone in cardiac arrest.
  8. Are e-cigarettes safe? The American Heart Association calls for added restrictions on e-cigarettes.
  9. Patient room service gets big thumbs up. University of Michigan Health System patients can now order what they want, when they want it.
  10. Meet the longest living heart LVAD recipientDavid Pierce received his first LVAD on May 26, 2004, at the age of 52, making him the longest living Heartmate II LVAD patient in the U.S.

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UPDATE: e-cigarette safety

The American Heart Association calls for added restrictions on e-cigarettes

The use of e-cigarettes is skyrocketing, particularly among teens.

The American Heart Association is calling for stricter regulations for e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, were created as a safer alternative to the real thing. But what about e-cigarette safety? Are they really safer than tobacco? The American Heart Association doesn’t think so. In a recent statement, the AHA says that e-cigarettes should be regulated as a tobacco product and discouraged as a primary means of quitting smoking.

According to the AHA statement, e-cigarette regulations should extend to restrictions on related marketing, advertising and sales, especially to young people; secondary ingredients intended to make them more appealing, especially to kids; and any claimed benefits, including those related to their use as a smoking-cessation aid.

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