What’s the fallout: U-M radiologist answers questions about commonplace radiation exposure

For some cancer survivors, commonplace exposure to radiation induces pangs of worry. Will the chest X-ray ordered by a family doctor or a trip through the airport’s new security scanner increase your chance of developing a secondary cancer? What can you do to reduce your risks?

In the latest issue of Thrive, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center’s patient publication, we talked with Ella Kazerooni, M.D., U-M professor of radiology, about what people with cancer should know about everyday radiation exposure. Find out what she had to say.


U-M doctors discuss major lung cancer screening study

The National Cancer Institute published details yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine about a recent study showing a 20 percent decrease in lung cancer mortality among heavy smokers who were screened with CT scans rather than X-rays. But what does this mean for you? Hear what University of Michigan physicians Ella Kazerooni, M.D., and Douglas Arenberg, M.D., have to say.