A dream job: Using digital technology to support healing

jj bouchard digital media mott children's hospitalYou’ve probably heard the warnings.

“Limit screen time for your children.”

“Focus on real experiences vs. screen experiences.”

There are good reasons for these guidelines.

But what about kids who spend long periods of time in hospital rooms, cut off from friends and peers? What about teens who crave even a small sense of normalcy – average teen activities, and even ways to interact with other teens from within the confines of their hospital room? Can “screens” actually be a lifeline in these situations?

That’s where J.J. Bouchard comes in.

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Inspiring HOPE

The care staff that allowed Evan Newport to lead a happy childhood inspired his father, Scott, and brother, Noah, to found the HOPE Awards at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

The care staff that allowed Evan Newport to lead a happy childhood inspired his father, Scott, and brother, Noah, to found the HOPE Awards at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

By Scott Newport

This story is about a family. A family with a sick child.

The family I’m talking about is my own. I’m Scott, otherwise known as “Dad.” It all began on a Saturday afternoon last year when my wife, Penni, suggested it might be nice if I took our oldest son, Noah, out to the wood shop to work on something together. It was a good idea, and Noah was excited to have some alone time with Dad. (Not always an option when your younger brother has a terminal illness.)

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Hail to a Little Victor: Mitchell’s Story

As we prepare for our annual Children’s Memorial Service coming up on April 22, we asked one of the speakers for this year’s memorial service to share her story in honor of all the Little Victors whose courage we celebrate, both at the memorial and throughout the year.

Mitchell Ryan, one of C.S. Mott Children's Hospital's many "Little Victors" will be honored at the Children's Memorial Service on April 22.

Mitchell Ryan, one of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital’s many “Little Victors” who will be honored at the Children’s Memorial Service on April 22.

Heroes come in many forms. Their acts are often blatant and powerfully triumphant, but sometimes they are more subtle. Sometimes they take their time and fight a long battle, but show their true heroism by teaching us along the way. I was saved by a hero named Mitchell. A little boy with a sunny disposition and infectious laugh that warmed the hearts and touched the souls of everyone he met. None more so than mine.

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Allowing families to stay close to their children in our new hospital

Ronald McDonald House

New Ronald McDonald House allows families to be steps away from their children

When the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital opens this November, families with critically ill children will be able to find a place to rest at the new Ronald McDonald House within C.S. Mott. The new facility is one of only five such Ronald McDonald Houses within a children’s hospital in the world. It will be located on the 10th floor of the hospital, just steps away from the hospital’s intensive care units.

While the current Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor that is currently just around the corner from the hospital will continue to serve more than 600 families annually, these new accommodations will provide a short-term stay option for families of our most critically ill children, many of whom were not expecting to have their child admitted and need a place to stay while they make plans and work with the medical team to learn about their child’s condition and treatment plan. The new Ronald McDonald House within the hospital will have 12 private bedrooms with private bathrooms and a shared common space, all designed to feel as much like home as possible.

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