Is there a doctor in the (Big) House?

Advice from U-M’s Mark Lowell, M.D., on staying cool & healthy during early-season football games

Football season is here – but football weather? That’s weeks away.

With summer-like temperatures expected for today’s U-M football game, the doctor in charge of the Michigan Stadium first aid operation is bracing for plenty of heat-stricken fans seeking medical help.

Survival Flight helicopters over Michigan Stadium

Mark Lowell, M.D., has worked closely with Huron Valley Ambulance running the Big House medical operation for 15 years. He’s a U-M emergency physician, and medical director of the U-M Health System’s Survival Flight air medical service.

Lowell offers these tips to help fans avoid having to pay him and his team a visit during this game — or any early season game:

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Kids Aerobics

Break out your leg warmers and sweatbands, it’s time to teach your kids the glories of aerobics! Follow along with Kendra VanWasshenova, a physical therapist from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, as she leads an exercise routine suited for your little one. The moves can help improve balance and coordination. It even helps with some skills for schoolwork. Get moving!

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