The seasonal attack of airborne allergens

Summer is off to an early start and that means warm weather’s airborne allergens are ready to strike. Perhaps you know already from years of experience what the allergy season has in store for you. Or, maybe you are just starting to figure it out based on how you felt last summer. Either way, there are some simple steps you can take now to make your summer more comfortable and symptom-free.

airborne allergens

What’s in the air?

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis can occur year-round, but when people only get hay fever in warm weather, it’s called seasonal allergic rhinitis. The seasonal variety is often caused by pollen, a fine powdery substance produced at various times by trees and other plants. In fact, pollen from ragweed causes 75% of all hay fevers. Spores from molds and fungi are the two other top seasonal outdoor substances that can trigger an allergic attack. When people who are Continue reading