When are biopsies important in detecting kidney cancer?

kidney cancermCancerPartner sat down recently with Khaled S. Hafez, M.D., a surgeon and associate professor of urology, to discuss how kidney cancer is detected and the role biopsies play.

mCancerPartner: What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Dr. Hafez: The three symptoms that normally indicate kidney cancer are pain in the abdomen, blood in the urine and a mass, or growth, in the side. But how physicians find kidney cancer has changed in recent years. Today, most kidney cancer is found accidently, before the symptoms Continue reading

A conversation about kidney cancer

kidney cancer and high blood pressureThe kidneys have an important job to do- they keep the blood clean and balanced by filtering, and then sending waste in the form of urine to the bladder. Shaped like a ‘kidney’ bean and about the size of your fist, kidneys are in the middle of the back, one on each side of your spine. Some people are at risk for developing kidney cancer. Continue reading