The benefits of massage therapy

U-M patient experiences "life-altering" results

Massage therapy

Diane Holland, M.D., is a strong believer in the Massage Therapy Program offered to University of Michigan Health System patients, outpatients, families, staff and guests. In fact, you could say she’s one of the program’s biggest fans.The benefits Holland says she gets from her weekly massage session go well beyond the traditional muscle relaxation that many expect. The radiologist, a U-M Medical School alumna and former cancer patient, believes her weekly massage appointments with Massage Therapy Program Director Beth Miazga have been life altering. Continue reading

Finding the Right Help: Tips for seeking complementary therapy providers

You’re curious about art therapy, but you live too far away from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center to try a session. Or maybe that group session of guided imagery just won’t fit into your schedule.

yogaThat’s why we’ve put together tips for finding complementary therapy practitioners inyour hometown.

Complementary therapies — such as art therapy or massage therapy — have been shown to be beneficial to people with cancer. The Society of Integrative Oncology published a report last year stating that “Mind-body modalities are recommended as part of a multidisciplinary approach to reduce anxiety, mood disturbance, (and) chronic pain and (to) improve quality of life.”

“Complementary therapies can be a powerful tool in helping to maintain a sense of wellbeing during cancer treatment,” said Donna Murphy, director of Complementary Therapies at the U-M Cancer Center. “Many options are available to people who would like to take a comprehensive, mind-body approach to their care. Our goal is to connect our patients with these resources so that they can experience some relief of symptoms and learn coping techniques that will be helpful to them throughout their lives.” Continue reading