When is it time to see a therapist for your stress?

Only characters in old-school sitcoms live life without stress and anxiety. For them, life is all good therapistblog.fwtimes, laughter and the occasional pratfall. Those of us living in the real world have a wider range of feelings — and stress and anxiety are very common ones. While we all have our ups and downs, it’s important to know when stress and anxiety get to the point where a mental healthcare professional may be needed.

When your stress and anxiety start to affect everyday functions in your life or when these feelings last too long, that’s a good indicator that it might be time to see a therapist for your stress. Are you having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much? Is it hard to concentrate or complete your work? Are you eating too much or too little? Are you drinking too much alcohol? Are you having trouble concentrating? Are you feeling suicidal?  These are all warning signs that you may notice or friends, family or coworkers may notice. No matter how the warning flag is raised, it’s important to take note and get help.

If you’ve never seen a mental healthcare professional, the best first step is Continue reading

Are mental health days good for you?

If you have a fever, sore throat or stomach flu, you don’t hesitate to stay home from work or school. MentalHealthBLOG.fwSo, if you’re feeling down or stressed and need to push the pause button, is it OK to take a mental health day? Of course, but make sure you use that time to take stock of your mental health.

In today’s always-connected world, we sometimes just need a day to disconnect and breathe. Even if you take planned time off for vacations or appointments, when is the last time you took a day off just for you? One that didn’t involve planning, packing, traveling, etc? Taking mental health days to just step off the spinning wheel of everyday life can be incredibly refreshing.

If you unable or prefer not to be away from work for an extra day, plan a mental health day on one of your regular days off. Get out of your normal routine; spend the day focusing on assessing and recharging your mental health. Continue reading

The new normal

In a recent segment of A Wider World shown on WTVS – Channel 56 in Detroit, Michelle Riba, director of the Cancer Center’s PsychOncology Program, along with Mel Majoros, a breast cancer survivor, athlete and radio show host, talk about the “new normal” after cancer treatment.

For more on Mel Majoros visit her blog, The Cancer Warrior.