Relay races, with a twist!

relay race activities for kidsRelay races are a camp classic – a fun activity most everyone enjoys. And, the great thing about relay races is that the variations are endless!

If you have more than five or six people together, you can divide into teams, otherwise you can work together as one team to complete the relay in the quickest amount of time. Enthusiasm and involvement from the adults/parents will set the tone for the kids’ participation, so don’t be afraid to play and be goofy with this!

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Backyard campout tips

backyard camping tipsGetting into the spirit of summer doesn’t require months of planning or have to cost a small fortune. Memories can be made in the comfort of your home and camping can be done right in your backyard (or living room)!

Have the kids help with the planning and let them choose some fun activities. A great way to commit to the idea of camping, while still at home, is to limit or eliminate the use of technology devices. I’m not talking about roughing it and not using indoor plumbing, but make a rule (one that all members of the family can abide by) that phones/TVs/iPads/etc. are not to be used during the campout.

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