Variety and expertise: the rehabilitation recipe that worked.

Paul was up to challenge and his abilities continue to improve.

Paul continues to see improvements in his abilities and credits the skilled physicians and staff at U-M MedRehab.

The MedRehab program is celebrating 25 years of service. Paul and Joan Christensen shared how Paul was able to recover after an unexpected stroke put him in the hospital.

Paul: I had a stroke when I was 59. I was not a candidate for stroke, being a non-smoker who exercised regularly and was in good health, so it was definitely a complete surprise. The stroke resulted in left side paralysis and I was unable to walk at first. I was originally admitted to St. Joe’s Hospital in Pontiac, but I wanted to come back to Ann Arbor for outpatient care. U-M is our home hospital, and we wanted to come back to where our doctors were.

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When a marriage proposal on one knee is part of rehab.

Kyle Ziegler credits determination and MedRehab for making it possible.

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Kyle and Katie Ziegler married on June 23, 2012

The U-M MedRehab program is celebrating 25 years of service. Here, cancer survivor Kyle Ziegler shares how he learned to walk again (and surprise his future wife, whom he married on June 23, 2012).

In the fall of 2007, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was 18 years old, and I’d been dating my then-girlfriend Katie for a year and a half. I received inpatient chemotherapy at the University of Michigan Hospital from October 18th to October 30th, and was sent home for a break before I started another round of chemotherapy. On November 7th, I was readmitted because I had a rare reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs. This lead to a chain reaction of issues. I was not able to eat or drink anything for about 6 months. It was so bad that when I was coherent, I would flip through the TV channels looking for food commercials.

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MedRehab helps 25-year-old stroke survivor get back on the move

Danielle credits MedRehab for getting her back on her feet and on the dance floor.

Danielle Jones, stroke survivor, credits U-M MedRehab with getting her back on her feet and on the dance floor.

The U-M MedRehab program is celebrating 25 years of service. Here, stroke survivor Danielle Jones shares how the program helped her get back on her feet.

At 25 years old I thought I had it all. I was studying for my Master’s degree in Secondary Education, coaching both a dance and high school cheer team, I also danced on a team and worked full time. In December 2010, my life as I knew it, was about to change drastically. I suffered a massive stroke. I was perfectly healthy. My right side was paralyzed and I lost my ability to speak. I spent two months at U-M Hospital, and then I was sent to MedRehab in March 2011.

When I first started at MedRehab, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. After a few sessions, being at MedRehab felt like being with family. They knew exactly how to make someone going through something like that feel, even though they themselves had never had a stroke. It was a great experience working with the staff at MedRehab, but it was eye-opening. It was frustrating when I couldn’t do something that I wanted to do, but I just had to stay on track if I wanted to succeed. Every therapy session helped me along the way. Continue reading