Get your head in the game: Concussion and kids

Rapid diagnosis & proper care can help young athletes bounce back, says U-M expert

Maggie McDonald

16-year-old soccer player Maggie McDonald is back in the game after a concussion last summer

Today, the White House hosted a summit on concussions in youth sports, drawing national attention to the importance of preventing and properly treating brain injuries in kids and teens.

Among the experts selected to take part: U-M concussion expert Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D., head of the U-M NeuroSport clinic. He and his team focus solely on diagnosing and managing concussions and other brain and nerve issues in athletes of all levels.

Just hours before he left for Washington, he cleared yet another young concussion patient to return to the sport she loves. He says she’s a great example of how proper concussion care can help many patients get back in the game.

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Protecting Olympic brains from concussion & more

U-M sports neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher heads to Sochi as part of Team USA

Concussion expert Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D.

Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D. has been named part of the U.S. Olympic medical team

On February 7, as the world’s eyes turn toward Sochi, Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a U-M doctor will take to the snow and ice alongside America’s athletes.

Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D., is a sports neurologist whose expertise in concussion care has earned him a place on Team USA’s medical staff – and a role watching over the brains of any National Hockey League player on any Olympic team.

These roles – and his role as director of the U-M NeuroSport program for patients, as a team physician for U-M Athletics and a leader in American Academy of Neurology’s sports neurology section – are keeping him super-busy. But he stopped long enough to answer a few questions.

Q: Did you ever dream of going to the Olympics?

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