Michigan & deadly summer weather – it happened once, it can happen again

On anniversary of Flint tornado, key tips from a U-M emergency doctor to staying safe in tornado, flood & heat wave season

Tornado for blog.fw

This image taken by the federal weather agency NOAA shows the devastation left by one of the nation’s deadliest tornadoes ever. Source: NOAA

Deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma. Dangerous flooding in Texas. Could Michigan be next for the freakish weather patterns of 2015?

After all, severe weather can happen here too. In fact, today is the anniversary of the 1953 tornado that struck Beecher, a small town just north of Flint, and killed 116 people and destroyed nearly 350 houses. Even 62 years later, it remains one of the nation’s most deadly twisters.

So today’s a great day to take stock of what every Michigan family can do to be ready in case a major weather event strikes the Mitten State. With a few simple actions, you can keep yourself and your loved ones and pets safe and healthy during a tornado, flood, or more routine summer thunderstorms.

We turned to a U-M doctor who thinks about emergency planning a lot – because he treats a lot of people who didn’t plan or think ahead and paid the price with an injury or illness. He’s Brad Uren, M.D., a U-M emergency physician and past president of the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians.

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