Prostate cancer risk is elevated for men with Lynch syndrome

grandfather_father_sonProstate cancer is a relatively common cancer, with the American Cancer society reporting that 238,590 Americans will be diagnosed this year. A recent study by researchers at the University Of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, has linked an increase in risk for prostate cancer to a genetic predisposition to develop cancer called Lynch syndrome.

Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition that causes an increase in risk to develop primarily colorectal cancer and Continue reading

New clinic opens for high risk prostate cancer patients

Ganesh Palapattu, M.D.

Ganesh Palapattu, M.D.

mCancerPartner sat down recently with Ganesh Palapattu, M.D., an associate professor of urology, and a urologic cancer surgeon and scientist, who directs the new High Risk Prostate Cancer Clinic. This clinic was established to offer multidisciplinary evaluation and personalized management for men who are diagnosed with aggressive disease.

mCancerPartner: Dr. Palapattu, how do you define ‘high risk’ for men with prostate cancer?

Dr. Palapattu: Our clinic defines high risk as men with a high PSA or high Gleason grade or high clinical stage. But going beyond the numbers, these are men who are likely to suffer from their prostate cancer.

mCancerPartner: What are the key features of the clinic?

Dr. Palapattu: At our clinic, patients see different specialists on the same day in the same place, and are offered a consensus expert opinion. Elsewhere, the patient experience might be to see a specialist who advises on one treatment, then to see Continue reading