Cell hunters: the quest to rapidly deliver personalized medicine to pancreatic cancer patients

  Editor’s note: This is part of a series of blogs that focus on members of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Center. Led by an inter-disciplinary team of scientists and clinicians, the Center holds the promise to significantly change the bleak Read on! →

Cell hunters: the quest to diagnose pancreatic cancer early

Sunitha Nagrath, Ph.D.

Editor’s note: Cell Hunters is a series focusing on members of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Center. One diagnostic tool they are advancing involves detecting pancreatic cancer cells in the bloodstream before any sign of cancer is obvious through current diagnostic Read on! →

Microfluidic technology reveals potential biomarker for early pancreatic cancer

Researchers capture circulating pancreas cells in the bloodstream during early stages of pancreatic cancer

Cancer cells are on the move in the bloodstream in the very early stage of pancreatic cancer, and can be detected before cancer is diagnosed. Working with a state-of-the art microfluidic device, cancer researchers have been able to capture circulating pancreas Read on! →

Does diabetes cause pancreatic cancer?

Sometimes I hear people ask, “Does diabetes cause pancreatic cancer?” No, but diabetes is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. We know that diabetics, especially those with long-standing Type II diabetes, have a higher risk of developing cancer of the Read on! →