Tart cherries benefits: Good news gets better

New research shows reduction in stroke risk in addition to other benefits

two cherries

New research on tart cherries shows that the fruit reduces stroke risk in addition to providing cardiovascular benefits.

According to new animal research from the University of Michigan Health System, a diet rich in tart cherries not only provides cardiovascular benefits, but can also reduce the risk of stroke associated with a common class of drugs prescribed for metabolic syndrome. Because studies have shown that long-term use of these drugs can increase the risk of stroke, tart cherries may prove to be an effective alternative or addition.

Tart cherries benefits compared to Actos

Researchers compared the effect of tart cherries and the drug Actos in stroke-prone rats by measuring the animals’ systolic blood pressure as well as locomotion, balance and coordination, all of which can be affected by a stroke.

By putting the rats through various physical tests, researchers found that, compared to Actos, tart cherry intake significantly improved balance and coordination, while lowering blood pressure.

More information on the benefits of fruit in your diet

Read the press release describing the tart cherries study in the UofMHealth.org Newsroom. You may also be interested in reading about recent research on the benefits of grapes in the diet.

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