Chalk it up for outdoor fun: 5 new chalk activities for families

sidewalk chalk activities for kidsTime to turn your sidewalk, patio or driveway into fun central!

There’s no shortage of fun things to do with sidewalk chalk. Of course, there’s the obvious and always fun hopscotch, but try mixing it up with some of these ideas:

Bean bag toss

Have someone draw a target on the ground. You can make your standard circular target or create any kind of shape that suits the mood. Just make sure there are different sections to aim for. Then, using a couple of bean bags, take turns trying to hit the bullseye.

Shadow play

Chalk shadows activityDuring the early morning or late afternoon, have your child stand so his or her shadow is on the ground. Trace around the shadow while your child stands still (good luck with that!). Once the shadow is traced, have your child draw a face, hair, clothes, and accessories.

Hit the road

If your space is large enough, draw some “roads” complete with intersections, stop signs, etc. Then let your child hit the open “road” on his or her tricycle, scooter or other rideable toy.

Angry birds

Bring the game Angry Birds game to life with sidewalk chalk and some water balloons. Fill the balloons and use a permanent marker to draw on the angry faces (if you want). Then draw your pigs on the sidewalk/patio/driveway. Stand back and aim your balloons for a direct hit on the pigs!

Squirt your chalk

DIY squirt chalkKids love squirt bottles. And they love chalk. So combine the two with magic sidewalk chalk filled squirt bottles and give them free rein to paint the town, or in this case, the pavement.

You’ll need corn startch, food coloring, water, squirt bottles (1 for each color you want to make), and baking soda.

Fill each bottle roughly 2/3 full with a mixture of equal parts corn starch and baking soda. Add a few drops of food coloring and fill the bottles the rest of the way with water. Then use a butter knife or similar to stir the ingredients. The mixture is VERY thick at first, but soon all the ingredients melt into a colorful magic paint. After you have the mixture mixed a bit, place the cap on the squeeze bottles and shake them well. Your kids can help with this part! Then grab your squirt bottles and head outside to make some beautiful (and washable!) art on your sidewalk.

The ideas are only limited by your imagination (or what you discover when you do an online search for fun sidewalk chalk ideas). The best part is clean up is simple — either wait for a good rainstorm or hit the chalk with the hose to wash away the chalk and give yourself a clean surface so you can start new fun tomorrow.

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