Kick croquet

DIY KICK CROQUETCroquet is one of the oldest lawn games around. Sure it’s fun, but there are those heavy mallets and even heavier balls — an accident waiting to happen with young children. Here’s a version that makes croquet more kid friendly and more fun.


  • Large scissors
  • Garden or tent stakes (preferably something with a flat top)
  • Pool noodles
  • Playground or soccer balls

Making the course

Start by cutting the noodles in half down the middle (so you have two long, half noodles). Each noodle will create two arches, so cut as many as you’d like to use. This is our made-up game, so there’s no standard course or set of rules.

Now, push one stake through the end of a noodle and push it into the ground. Make sure no sharp edges of the stake are sticking up. Flat-head tent stakes work well. Then do the same with the other end of the noodle to create your arch. It works best if the round part of the noodle faces out. Repeat to put up all the arches and create your kick croquet course.

Have fun

You can play like a typical croquet game — each person has his/her own ball and takes a turn kicking their ball. The goal is to kick your ball through each arch until you reach the end of the course. The person who gets to the end in the fewest kicks is the winner. You can also make it a timed, obstacle course event. Each person takes his or her turn going from course start to finish. Person to finish fastest wins.

What other games can you create? Make it a team event and have pairs alternate kicking their team’s ball. Roll the balls like a bowling ball rather than kicking them. If you have various colored noodles, assign each player a color and have them get their balls through their colored arches. The possibilities are endless…and you make the rules.

Take the next step:

This post was inspired by a kick croquet obstacle course by InnerChildFun.com.  

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