Learn about the body

Use a free printable matching card game to help your family learn about the human body

mott blog - matching card game featured imageIt’s inevitable.  At some point, carefully laid plans for a fun summer afternoon will fall victim to Mother Nature and her rain clouds.

Here’s a fun activity you can put together quickly to break up the afternoon and learn all about many parts of the human body at the same time.

All you need is a printer, paper and a scissors!

mott blog - matching card game printable 2

Print out each of the printable card matching sheets (see links at the bottom of this article). Cut each sheet along the lines to create six cards per sheet.

mott blog - matching card game printable 3

 Arrange the cards in random order, image facing down. The full set will yield 24 cards, so you might choose to only play with a smaller number of cards at a time, and add additional cards as needed. If you start with a smaller set, just be sure that you have both of each set of body parts you’re using so your child will be able to find the matched pairs.

mott blog - matching card game printable 6

Ask your child to choose any two cards and turn them over. If they are a match, keep them turned over. If not, turn them back over so the image is hidden again. Then have another player take a turn, or give your child try again with another pair.

mott blog - matching card game printable 7

Continue until you’ve found all the matched pairs!

We’ve also included a conversation guide to use to help your child learn about the different parts of the body represented by each card.

Printable sheets for matching game cards:

Download the conversation guide for LEARN THE BODY card matching game.

Tell us what you thought! We’d love to hear if you and your family enjoyed the game.  Let us know using the “Leave a reply” tool at the bottom of this post.


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