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Two new sites offer great new features

For several years, we’ve offered health news, feature stories and useful information from across the University of Michigan Health System on the blog site you’re reading now, and via email from the site.

But with the arrival of Spring 2016, we’ve launched even better options for connecting with us, getting the latest from our experts, and commenting on and sharing our stories.

This will be the last post to UofMHealthBlogs.org . It’s also the last post to the different topic-specific blogs hosted here on cancer, cardiovascular, children’s health, women’s health, neuro health and digestive health. We’ll keep this site online as an archive of great content.

Now, we invite you to join us at one or both of these great new sites:

Michigan Health

At www.michiganhealthblog.org, we’re serving up regular doses of health news and wellness tips — with expert information you can trust from top physicians, nurses, registered dietitians and others at our hospitals and clinics. If you’re managing a health condition, caring for loved ones or simply seeking to live well, you can find information and support here.

On the new site, you can also find specific pages on these topics: Bones, Muscles & JointsBrain HealthCancer CareChildren’s HealthDigestive HealthHeart HealthWomen’s Health

Michigan Health Lab

At www.michiganhealthlab.org, we’ve created a one-stop destination for stories about how physicians, scientists, students and healthcare professionals are shaping and sharing the future of health through research, technology development, innovative education and engagement with the world of public policy.

This site is aimed at an audience that wants to be up-to-date on the latest advances in science and clinical care. If you’re passionate about health innovation, biomedical science, health policy and the training of tomorrow’s health and science professionals, we welcome you into our “lab.”


Michigan Health Lab: