Skin Cancer and Genetics: More Than Meets the Eye

Many factors can increase the risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers.  Some of these factors are due to behaviors, like exposure to the sun.  However, some risk factors for skin cancer are inherited in families. Melanoma is a Read on! →

The search is on – finding a clinical trial that’s right for you

Maybe you’re a patient who has exhausted all your treatment options, or you’re looking for a specific type of treatment not yet approved or offered as standard of care. You seek a second opinion at a major cancer center only Read on! →

The PALB2 gene

An update on cancer risks and indications for referral for genetic counseling

The PALB2 gene, which is also called the partner and localizer of BRCA2, is a gene that contributes to inherited susceptibility to breast cancer and perhaps ovarian and pancreatic cancers. The PALB2 gene contains the directions for making a protein Read on! →