Ignition interlocks offer solution for reducing drunk driving














The New Year’s Eve holiday means parties and get-togethers with friends…and more opportunities to drive while intoxicated.

As an emergency physician, I often see patients and families on the worst days of their lives. In April of this past year, I came closer to experiencing what could have been the worst day of my life.

On a Friday afternoon that spring, an individual with two prior drunk driving arrests, no driver’s license and a borrowed vehicle, chose once more to drink and drive. He left the highway at a curve and rumbled straight across over 100 feet of grass without braking, smashing his 6,000 pound pickup truck through the playroom wall of my son’s daycare.

Fortunately, as it was the end of the day and a warm spring afternoon, most of those in the center were either outside or near the exit preparing to go home. Some, however, were only one thin wall away from being crushed by the truck.

Since that crash, I have gone through a range of emotions. I was relieved. I was angry. However, as an emergency physician, I ultimately wanted to seek out a solution.  Continue reading