Women’s sexual recovery after cancer

Re-establishing sexual interaction takes some work, but it’s good work to do

sexual recovery after cancer

Sexual recovery is complex, involving grieving, adjustments and adaptation

Sexual recovery during and after a women’s cancer diagnosis and treatment is as important as ensuring adequate nutrition, sleep and a healthy frame of mind. mCancerPartner recently talked to Sallie Foley, LMSW, AASECT, co-author of Sex Matters for Women, about sexual recovery after cancer for women who experience early menopause or menopause-like symptoms following cancer treatment.

mCancerPartner: In comparing natural menopause with early menopause brought on by cancer treatment, are there differences?

Ms. Foley: Yes. Natural menopause occurs over a number of years, so symptoms that can affect someone’s sexual experience – like vaginal dryness and thinning of vaginal tissues – tend to develop somewhat slowly. When early menopause or related symptoms happen because of chemotherapy, radiation or removal of the ovaries, symptoms that Continue reading