Healthy seasonal foods

Many area farmers markets are in full swing, offering healthy seasonal foods that are locally and regionally grown. Right now is the best time to get these in-season selections:

  • Asparagus — at its peak from March through June — contains high levels of the amino acidAsparagus image for the blog 320x320 asparagine, a natural diuretic. Increased urination releases fluid and helps rid the body of excess salts, which benefits those who have high blood pressure or other heart-related diseases. It is also low in fat, high in fiber and a good source of iron, B vitamins and vitamin C. Roast them on the grill or sauté in olive oil for a delicious, healthy addition to your meal.
  • Strawberry season runs from April through June. One cup offers 3.5 grams of fiber and meets 100 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Buy strawberries grown close to home for the best flavor, choosing the ones that are plump, firm and uniform in color.
  • Sweet cherries are in season from late spring through early summer. They’re high in fiber and potassium and low in calories: one cup of cherries is about 100 calories. Cherries are full of anthocyanins, a type of phytochemical believed to be high in antioxidant activity.

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